Our Verification Process

The Lakefield Farmers' Market is dedicated to bringing you local, verified products.  Both our agricultural vendors and our artisinal vendors go through a verification process to ensure that you are buying directly from a grower or marker.  We have been a verified farmers' market since we began.

Agricultural Verification: MyPick Verification Program

Each of our agricultural vendors is MyPick Verified.  This means that Farmers' Markets Ontario sends a third party inspector out to their farms to verify that they are growing 100% of the products they sell.  MyPick Verification is your assurance that all the agricultural vendors sell only what they grow.  To learn more about the program and to see the profiles of all MyPick verified farms visit their website here.

Artisinal Vedors: Third Party Jury

Each of our Artisinal vendors has their work sent to a third party jury made up of local artists.  This jury determines if the product is actually made by the vendor and if any of the materials are local or recylced as these are given preference.