Leahy Stock Farm

3113 Hwy. 28, RR 4
Douro-Dummer , ON
705-652-5216 H 705-927-2946 C

Bernard and Lise Leahy and family own and operate Leahy Stock Farm in Douro-Dummer Township just south of Lakefield. Their purebred beef cattle operation has expanded into direct to consumer beef cuts selling at the Lakefield Farmers Market and the farm gate. A full range of pork cuts is now also offered as they have a small swine breeding herd. Pastured raised chicken, turkey and new for 2016, ducks and geese will be offered at the farm gate beginning in late summer.

A strong commitment to having all livestock pasture raised, as the seasons allow, has meant the development of a managed grazing system including piped water to all areas of the farm. This allows for more efficient use of all plant growth and increased soil organic matter.

The next generation is also interested in farming with Patrick, Clara and Daniel each appreciating the importance of agriculture.


Products include: 
Meats (Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb)